About Us

Our Mission

As COVID-19 and its consequences have shown, the 4th Industrial Revolution must put

Services first, profits later

IonCure uses the best of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Multi-Disciplinary Drug Discovery Approaches to deliver healthcare and wellness solutions on the premise of affordability and accessibility to all. Our long range mission includes solutions for telemedicine, longevity, mental health and metabolic illnesses.

Team IonCure

We are a team of Doctors, Scientists, Educators, Engineers & Communication Professionals working towards a common objective – bringing health to every house-hold.

Sukant Khurana, Ph.D.

President & Founder

Leader in areas of emerging technologies.

Luisa Scott, Ph.D.

CTO & Co-founder

Experience leading the development of drug leads; Founder of Cognosetta, Inc.

Brooks Robinson, Ph.D.

COO, North America

Medical Advisory Board

Dr. Ravi Nayar

Chief Medical Advisor

Dean of a leading Indian hospital and entrepreneur, with the experience of leading teams in UK, France, and India for decades.

Dr. Dipasri Konar

Medical Scientist

Epidemiologist and physician, with practice in both urban and rural USA and India.

Dr. Sharath Krishnaswami


Anaesthesiologist and medical communicator

Dr. John Shepperd

Clinical trial and AI expert.

Phyto-product Team

Mamta Shukla, Ph.D.

VP – Phytopharmaceuticals

Phytopharmaceuticals, biochemistry, and nanotechnology

Shruti Awasthi, Ph.D.

Program Director – Phytopharmaceuticals

Procuring phytoactive agents and ion-channel blockers from South Asia

Priyanka Nehete

Phytopharmaceutical head – India

Researcher with pharma and phytopharmaceutical background

Colleen Reilly

Cancer and genetics researcher. Data scientist.

India Executive Team

Ronit Bhattacharjee

Chief Data Scientist, Director of Indian unit

Tuneer Biswas

Chief Engineer


Cognosetta, Inc. is a drug discovery company developing novel ion channel and neuroreceptor-targeted therapeutics. Their mission is to advance innovative pharmacological solutions to bring life-changing solutions to patients with neurological and hearing disorders. Their pipeline includes powerful small molecule and peptide ion channel modulators.


An international trading and engineering enterprise with the goal of developing AI & blockchain-enabled intelligent, antifragile supply chainsa; and reviving local manufacturing.

Registered early-stage MSME offering novel biotech solutions & nutra-formulations to abate inflammatory progression of chronic lifestyle diseases.


  • Expand our team
  • Build permanent facilities from scratch in US and Canada.
  • Fast track funding to meet the needs of the hour


  • One of the best AI in drug discovery and computational team of 40 plus scientists, engineers, formulation scientists, toxicologists, and virologists.
  • A network of Indian GMP pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Physician group, including heads of top medical institutes