Core Strengths

Artificial Intelligence

Our team members bring multiple approaches to machine learning, deep learning and other advances in artificial intelligence.

Block Chain

At IonCure, we have an experience and hands-on team of developers who have mastered the latest in block chain technology for safer supply chains.

Data Science

A citizen-science driven approach has built and refined our data science capacity, buttressed by advanced statistical knowledge.

Citizen Science

IonCure has pioneered the development of citizen science, training nearly 4000 science students in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Phyto-pharmacy, and Multi-Disciplinary Drug Discovery Approaches to discover healthcare and wellness solutions on the premise of affordability and accessibility to all.

Team IonCure

We are a team of Doctors, Scientists, Educators, Engineers & Communication Professionals working towards a common objective – bringing health to every house-hold.

Intern with Us

Do you bring fresh skills and perspectives to the table in drug discovery, nutraceuticals, enginering, marketing, administration or social media? Write to us.