Ionncure is developing a comprehensive pipeline for SARS-CoV2.


  1. Using computational pipelines to detect sites in human proteins and in SARS-CoV2 encoded-proteins, which can be used as drug targets. We are also working on AI-aided screening, toxicology, formulation and clinical trials, with several partners.
  2. We are working on re-purposing existing drug-molecules for SARS-CoV2.
  3. Screening phyto and nutraceutical supplements, which can increase IgA levels, reduce cytokine storm, target mucus formation, heme function, bolster IgG and IgM levels during infection and possible vaccination, and modulate T cell levels and activity.
  4. We are tying up with several international pharma companies to develop vaccines.
  5. Manufacturing, marketing and supply of SARS-CoV2 therapeutics.