Epilepsy influence over 70 million people globally. Developing world is more impacted by it than developed world. That said, awareness of epilepsy is very poor and abound by superstitions. Ioncurerx.com has come to change that. We are launching a two stage campaign, BeatEpilepsy. First of all, we are finding superstitions, correct and wrong information about the disease and then we are coming up with medical information to correct misconceptions, where each participant tags 6 other people.

IonCure (ioncurerx.com) is an alliance of like-minded professionals from diverse fields, who are interested in finding medicines, creating artificial intelligence-based prediction algorithms, designing accessories which makes life of epileptic patients better, and spreading awareness of epilepsy-related issues across the globe. It is collaborating with a cutting edge US company on drug discovery, Cognosetta (https://www.cognosetta.com/)  and with the Centre for Cellular And Molecular Platforms (C-CAMP) (http://www.ccamp.res.in/), which is an initiative of Dept of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt.of India.  Initially the company was just focused on cutting edge research but the campaign was started after a few members noticed shocking lack of awareness about Epilepsy in several countries. Many myths abound with respect to the matter, such as epilepsy is caused by demonic possession and it is entirely incurable through modern medicine.

To dispel such myths and to raise awareness about the root causes of epilepsy and the medical care available for it, IonCure team has a goal of initially creating 10,000 short videos on the matter covering vox-pops, public talks, street plays, documentaries, art exhibitions, and more. Then in the second stage, the campaign will try to reach as many individuals, who will state correct information of the disease and tag 6 more people. The first stage of campaign is currently being rolled out in India in multiple languages, but will soon spread to all 183 countries and include several more native languages. Several easy-to-understand games, such as snakes and ladders game has been devised to raise awareness about the right things a non-medical professional can do when they observe someone undergoing an epileptic attack. Snake and ladder game also informs them of the things not to do. Alongside this game, several posters have been created and are also being shared with schools, general medical practitioners, nursing homes and hospitals to raise awareness among the general public.

Attached below are examples of posters, games, links, video shorts in making.

Making of video shorts; examples of misconceptions among people


Topic: Epilepsy by Dipasri Konar

Public insights on Epilepsy by Tuneer Biswas

Short discussion on Epilepsy by Tuneer Biswas

Mirgi pe charcha with Mamta Shukla by Mamta Shukla

Train ka Safar aur Mirgi ki bat Mamta Shukla k sath by Mamta Shukla

Mirgi ka prabhav pr jankari ka abhav by Mamta Shukla

Mirgi: Jan Jagran abhiyan by Mamta Shukla

Lack of knowledge about epilepsy: Public Talk by Mamta Shukla

Jan Jagran abhiyan of Mirgi: A case study by Mamta Shukla

Key people in our Epilepsy campaign:

Tuneer Biswas (Tuneer@ioncurerx.com)

Aabhas Sikka (Aabhas@ioncurerx.com)

Dhriti Chatterjee (Dhriti@ioncurerx.com)

Mamta Shukla (Mamta@ioncurerx.com)

Ronit Bhattacharjee (Ronit@ioncurerx.com)