Service First, Profits Later

IonCure exists to to deliver healthcare and wellness solutions on the promise of affordability and accessibility to all. We use the best of both worlds, traditional networking and trust-building to human-to-human interactions, merged with 4th Industrial Revolution technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Blockchain.

Our three pillars of purpose are:

  • Providing Medical & PPE Supplies
  • Developing & Manufacturing New Medicines & Medical Devices
  • Medical Education

Our long-range mission includesMulti-Disciplinary Drug Discovery Approaches for telemedicine, longevity, mental health and metabolic illnesses.

Providing Medical & PPE Supplies

We are here to provide any and every product needed worldwide by building robust and anti-fragile supply chains from multiple destinations,even more so now, as the COVID-19 pandemic exposes weak links. We’re here to fix them, not wish them away.

Disposable Gloves

We provide nitrile, vinyl and natural latex chemotherapy and examination gloves of all major brands.

Other PPE

Masks, Face shields, Gowns, Diapers, Wipes, Sanitizers, Foils, Toilet Rolls. Prices available on request.


Over 2700 Drugs and Medicines of all kinds. Prices available on request.

The Ioncure Advantage

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For Sellers

For PPE enquiries, write to us at

For other enquiries, write to us at

Gloves: From Prehistory to the Pandemic

This book contains everything you wanted to know (and didn’t) about gloves. We focus largely on medical gloves, keeping an eye on the COVID-19 pandemic, which is now a year old and is still wreaking havoc. We broadly discuss the evolution and history of gloves, their manufacture, correct uses, and sustainability, so by the time you are done reading this book, you are a glove aficionado.

Developing & Manufacturing New Medicines & Medical Devices

IonCure brings to the table several cumulative years of experience in artificial intelligence, data science and drug discovery. Our aim is to employ pioneering computational pipelines for modelling disease biology and developing novel medicines, cutting-edge diagnostics, and nutritional supplements. We also have a robust medical device engineering team.

Medical, Science & Lifestyle Education

Ours is a mission to transform the world for better. As the world ushers in the 4th Industrial Revolution, led by Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Biotechnology, Computational Approaches to Drug Discovery and Automation, new skills are needed. Ioncure’s two platforms are designed to help you unlearn all that you learned in school and skill up for the current century’s needs.

Towards the 4th

Towards the 4th offers up-skilling courses in AI, medicine, public health and biotechnology to prepare you for the ongoing 4th Industrial Revolution.


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