Several new antibiotic resistant strains evolve across the globe and initially go unnoticed. By partnering with 100 + physicians across India, and led by Chhattisgarh-based Dr. Dipasri Konar, we are striving to access the most remote Indian regions. By tying up with drug discovery companies in USA and Canada in addition to our in house strength, we are able to work on developing new anti-microbial.

IonCure is developing a new model of technology studio, where different innovations and ideas can cross-pollinate each other

We are working to provide a complete technology, health, and education centers to 20 villages. We are starting by putting refrigerators, Glucometer, Insulin, Blood Pressure measuring devices and standard NCD medicines in 20 Villages. Our aim is in few years to reach each village of India. A presence on ground gives us an ability to stop an epidemic in its feet, collect samples, and provide solutions at the doorsteps. We want to create a safe library for newer Microbial strains. 

Countering infectious diseases requires a global presence and access to rapid actionable technology to develop new antibiotics and vaccines

In cell culture work (no animal studies yet), we have been able to find the potential of repurposing several ion-channel blockers. Using cutting edge AI developed by Dr. Sukant Khurana, we have identified more than 300 new targets of ESKAPE pathogens. IonCure is also developing an impedance, Raman spectra, Gibbs clustering & target sequencing based device for fast identification of pathogens (early stages). We have a team focused on cleanliness and low-tech solutions.

Dr. Dipasri Konar

Medical Scientist & Head – AMR

Epidemiologist and physician, with practice in both urban and rural USA and India.