Pandemics, climate change, and instabilities are creating chaos. Congregation of Hope is an initiative of IonCure to share knowledge aimed at creating a better and stronger world.

Immunology Basics for COVID-19

Tejas M Gupte, Ph.D
Luisa Scott, Ph.D
Dr. Sharath Krishnaswamy
Dr. Dipasri Konar
Dr. Jeru Samuel

Course modules

  1. Why do you fall sick? – Pathogens – bacteria, viruses, worms
  2. Why are you not sick all the time? Body’s defense mechanism – Immune system
  3. Types of defenses – innate and adaptive
  4. Shoring up your immunity
  5. Herbal solutions for enhancing immunity
  6. Lifestyle diseases reduce immunity (BP, heart disease, diabetes, obesity)

Understanding COVID-19

Tejas M Gupte, Ph.D
Luisa Scott, Ph.D
Sukant Khurana, Ph.D
Dr. Dipasri Konar
Dr. Le Phuong Nguyen

Course modules

  1. Pandemics in history – Black plague, Spanish flu, COVID-19: Statistics and Global Effects, Reasons for the Spread,
  2. What is the difference between the terms ‘Corona’, ‘Coronavirus’, and ‘COVID-19’?
  3. Why is COVID-19 proving to be Lethal? Why do most people who get infected not even get hospitalized?
  4. How can we control the spread of the disease?
  5. What are the medicines against this disease? How do they work?
  6. What will the eventual outcome of this pandemic?
  7. Will a vaccine be developed? Will it be useful?
  8. What should we worry about next?

Herbs Against Infections

Sukant Khurana, Ph.D
Luisa Scott, Ph.D
Shruti Awasthi, Ph.D
Tejas M Gupte, Ph.D
Jeru Samuel, Ph.D
Dr. Dipasri Konar

Course modules

  1. What is Disease and how it is different from symptoms?
  2. Basics of immune system
  3. Role of nutrition in immunity
  4. How to boost immunity
  5. Principles of Traditional Medicine
  6. Foods for boosting immunity
  7. Traditional herbs validated by modern methods
  8. Traditional herbs not validated yet
  9. How to make your brew
  10. Caveats