Empowered Nation is an initiative of IonCure for developing personalized, safe & affordable sanitizing & sterilizing equipment, for the general population.


The Tailor’s Stitch

A-Hand Washer

Shiny Shoes yet to Clean


Sukant Khurana

Dr. Sukant Khurana

Ideation & Project Supervisor

Tuneer Biswas

Project & RnD Head


  1. Simha  Badri (Mech Head)
  2. Agnishekhar Rudra Pal (EEE HEAD)
  3. Akanksha Srivastava (EE)
  4. Aabhas Sikka (Mechanical)
  5. Syed Musharraf (Modeling Simulations)

Production team

  1. Yash Agarwal (Animations Head and Chief Production Editor )
  2. Naama Hussain ( Marketing and Publicity )
  3. Dilshad Uzair (Incoming Interns Coordinator & Social Media Marketing)
  4. Achyut (Social Media Marketing)

Trade Sales and Marketing

  1. Ashhar Hussain (Sr. Manager TSM)
  2. Piyush Kumar (Manager TSM)
  3. Akash Manna ( Manager TSM )
  4. Achyut (Assistant Manager TSM)
  5. Arushi (Assistant Manager TSM )
  6. Pranav (Assistant Manger TSM)