The D-Box

Developed by IonCure partner Empowered Nation, the D-Box or the Disinfectant Box, is a Personalized Sterilization and Sanitation Equipment, using Germicidal UV-C, of 253.7nm; to sterilize Products that might have been exposed to the Virus and have become a potential Virus Carriers.

The D-box

Personalized for households

D-Box was is created with big corporates in mind. It is created with a common household in mind.

Lighting Fast

54 seconds is all it takes for the D-Box to sterilize your everyday things. Be it a watch, ring, specs or wallets, everything takes 54 seconds.

The D-box


With a capacity of 24.3 L, this compact device can easily find space in your home

Model Extensions

  • UV-C Shoe Shelves
  • UV-C CupBoards
  • UV-C Modular Kitchen
  • UV-C Suitcases & Trolley
  • UV-C Bags and Rucksacks


  • Micro D-Box – 3lts @ Rs 600
  • Mini D-Box – 6lts @ Rs 800
  • Regular D-Box – 27lts @ Rs 3,000