Epilepsy Awareness

Epilepsy influences 1% of the world’s population, affecting 1 in 5 families. The developing world is more impacted by it than the developed world. That said, awareness of epilepsy is very poor and is bound by superstitions. Ioncure Tech, founded and run by US-educated polymath, Dr. Sukant Khurana, is working for epilepsy awareness and more importantly, epilepsy solutions. A co-founder has been a communications expert, Raamesh Gowri Raghavan, who reads and writes in 25 different languages, and has been a creative director at some of the biggest advertising companies like Indigo Consulting and OgilvyOne. Another co-founder is renowned data scientist Ronit Bhattacharjee. 

Ioncure is using over 20,000 works of art (8K already released), feature films (in making), animations, theater, road shows, camps, blogs, 10,000 different books (by the end of the year; several hundreds have already published), videos, documentaries (over 500 already made), AI-based animation in 100-plus languages, and collaborations with hundreds of physicians (quickly on the way to the target of 10,000), and YouTube channels in 100-plus languages (being recorded). One hardly sees a healthcare or pharma company with this level of versatility and interest in awareness.  

In addition to awareness, Ioncure is

  • discovering new medicines, focused heavily on Keto and modified Atkins diet, and vitamins plus minerals often in short supply in kids with epilepsy,
  • developing design solutions from digital applications, to simply cushioning the edges of tables, or making clothes with wide neck to prevent suffocation during seizures,
  • opening hospitals and specialized schools,
  • creating online epilepsy diaries in hundred-plus languages,
  • having state of the art AI to predict seizures.

Ioncure is also starting work on epilepsy genomics, and telemedicine. For 2023 the expansion is in India but starting 2024, the main thrust is in the USA, starting from Texas, where Sukant undertook PhD studies. Mid 2024 onwards rest of the Western hemisphere will have subsidiaries of Ioncure, with likely a shift of headquarters from Delhi to somewhere in Texas.

Here is the vision of Ioncure:

Ioncure has used art, from handmade ones (taking years at times due to hundreds of layers) to AI-based art (generated in a click) to everything in between, to innovatively promote epilepsy awareness and also raise funds for epilepsy research. More than 80 percent of Ioncure’s sales funds epilepsy research, especially with women researchers from under-represented communities. This visual art is not a standalone project, but a work in sync with documentaries, several music projects, small and large scale commercial movie projects being undertaken by Ioncure. In addition, massive camps will be organized by next year in all cities of the Western Hemisphere, South, and SouthEast Asia. Until the end of 2024, all art that Dr. Khurana is selling will help with epilepsy solutions, and zero funds will be drawn by him from these sales. 

The Ioncure team is headed by Dr, Sukant Khurana, who in addition to being a neuroscientist, drug discovery, and AI researcher, has been noted speaker for education, healthcare, and social justice. He has been an accomplished artist, with his work exhibited in famous places (including ones focused on the theme of brain health) such as

  • solo commission of art in Tsinghua University’s McGovern center,
  • being chosen in juxtaposition of greatest 100 European masters of all time and 100 contemporary masters, a show that traveled around the world,
  • to private commissions from noted entrepreneurs, scientists, and premiers of few countries.

Some of his works have hundreds of layers of mixed media, have use of fire and knives, and are weathered over decades, while others are digital. Some of his recent works have been a combination of physical-digital- artificial intelligence. By July, some of his artworks are headed for large projection art in almost all major Western cities on the themes of

  1. Ukrainian people
  2. Art for epilepsy
  3. Intelligence, discrimination, and what fails the world
  4. Cute cats and epilepsy awareness
  5. Amazonian reforestation.

The following will be released by Aug 1, 2023:

  1. Hearts in different styles.
  2. Life and suffering of Alan Turing. This is in sync with other art and examples of extreme racism, including horrid pictures from Long Island. This will also come with a small sample of the rot in some Indian academic circles, which, unless fixed, has stifled the potential of India to ever reach a developed country.
  3. Famous physicists and mathematicians in styles of different artists across ages – labeled as Einstein and cat.
  4. Stand against racism. A critique of violence and rhetoric against any community, Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, Whites and any generalization about any community is critiqued through a look at the current entertainment and art trends in the USA. A parody of several rappers, public individuals, including parody rap songs. Labeled as – “I am bigger than Jeezy Creezy, Who is Shakespeare.” To be released with a few short films on the experiences of all groups in the USA, and a hope where American identity becomes more important than all other ones.
  5. Amazonian reforestation, to be released along with a few songs.
  6. Collectivism, modernism, individualism, a retro-futuristic look at the hopes of future, love, family,and identity, from 1920s to 2020s.
  7. Ukraine – the frontier of freedom. Ongoing, with a major next release upcoming (please see the existing release on gumroad).
  8. New York City through the eyes of a thousand characters. This series is to see the same city from the eyes of people with different backgrounds, life histories, and experiences. 
  9. Down the rabbit-hole. A lack of community, purpose, and the feeling of isolation in modern America. 
  10. Several more on the way.

Religious metaphor in a new synthesis and Cat Art

Cats can be extremely cute, and they win the internet. Ioncure uses cats as messengers of epilepsy awareness through art. Sukant is also opposed to the view of antagonism between religion and science, so while being agnostic and broadly spiritual, he is systematically exploring symbols of all major religions. He started with Judaism, as when he initiated this project, several tirades of Kanye West were dominating the news cycle. The metaphor for Judaism that Sukant has explored is a repetitive use of patterns of holy symbols of the faith to capture the continuity, and resilience despite horrible discrimination and suffering. Cats are made in styles of various tribes across the world, and also in styles of major artists to celebrate art, culture, cats, and epilepsy awareness. 

Iranian women art/ Iran protest art

Iran’s barbaric regime has relegated women to second grade citizens. We believe in equal rights and hence at the height of protests, Sukant created several independent art works and works part of six books. All these artworks are in different styles and in a way reflect struggle, and hope for an eventual victory of women over the Ayatollah. 

  • On YouTube:
  • Books on Amazon







Ukraine art

To support Ukraine’s struggle to defend against Putin’s invasion, Sukant has created beautiful Ukranian countryscapes, war scenes, and scenes of hopefully a near future of Russian defeat. The styles using AI have been about the coming together of several European masters, and Sukant’s unique style, which critics have called “the new synthesis”. 

Alan Turing art

Heart arts

These works are to celebrate love, the strongest human force. These are currently being uploaded and will be all online for the valentines on the 14th Feb. The styles are pop art to renaissance, to cubist and also combination of flowering plants in shapes of heart to generate a new style.  

New York City art

Sukant has put himself into the shoes of 1000 characters out of which 6 he has already released the stories of, in the form of art and short videos. The idea is to explore one of his favorite cities through the eyes of people with different backgrounds. Major next release on July 4th. 

  • On YouTube:

Documentaries on Youtube on Dr. Khurana’s art

Some examples of media coverage of Dr. Sukant Khurana’s arts


Dr. Sukant Khurana’s TEDX talks about arts

Dr. Sukant Khurana’s art and tech podcast series on youtube

Please also look at movies, documentaries, podcasts, books, camps, rallies, and media platform activities of Ioncure that go in sync with epilepsy awareness. 

India will be the first ground of full product release in 2023, with future expansion, and sister companies to start from the USA, and then to expand first to all of the Western hemisphere. 

The Indian focus:

Ioncure has recorded 500-plus video shorts across India in several different major languages. The release of them has started, with the biggest tranche of it being released on International Epilepsy Day, Feb 13th 2023. Few songs and advertisements in Indian languages have already been created, and are being put on youtube in the next few days.

In addition, now Ioncure is recording perspectives of thousands of young, and few very senior physicians across India on the topic, several parents of kids with epilepsy, caregivers, patients, and policymakers. These are going to be released in the form of several documentaries. 

Three US movie makers and one Indian movie maker, are working under the umbrella of Ioncure to create a feature film on epilepsy, with a tentative release on New Year 2024

For India, books, magazine articles, and blogs are being written in a district wise manner, with a 750 strong team to work on each district 

Ioncure is starting physical camps in India with the target of the largest number of camps across India by the end of the year for any disease. In addition, the leadership team of Ioncure is conducting a march across each state of India to talk to people in streets, and find out about challenges and needs for epilepsy awareness. The goal is that by mid 2024 that India will be the most Epilepsy aware country.


In addition very minor revenue from awareness activities, Ioncure is now in the process of creating subsidiaries for multispeciality hospitals, specialized schools for kids with epilepsy, food for epilepsy (with market potential upward of 10 B USD in India alone and no competition), generic medicines, vitamin and minerals, and developing new medicines (with focus on several ion-channels), After India, Sukant intends to create sister group of companies in every country, with local manufacturing, starting in USA. Sukant considers the US, especially two regions of Austin, and NYC where he was influenced most scientifically, more of home than Delhi. He is initiating most things from India, as while he was just about to take up a position in the US of associate professor after seeing the hopelessness of poor quality of research in India in two institutes, his mum passed away in 2018 and this forced him to stay on with his father. Now, in 2024 he is setting 26 different ventures in the US, including the biggest Ioncure concern. Whether the Indian Ioncure will remain a sister concern or a subsidiary of the US remains to be decided.     

Ioncure currently collaborates with 4 US universities on different research areas of epilepsy, and over the next 1.5 years will clear its backlog of over 100 plus publications, which had taken a backseat due to strength building and product development of a new startup incorporated in Feb 2020. Now, as Ioncure has expanded wings to being one of the largest Epilepsy and overall healthcare solutions umbrella, it is seeking collaborations with all epilepsy societies for awareness work, and with several hospitals, universities, and companies for products. 


Over 10,000 books (counting in translations; not just original titles of 500 plus) are being published in the next year to cover epilepsy in different regions, and different facets of the ailment by a large number of physicians and young scientists, who work with Ioncure. These books are accompanied by podcasts in English and major global languages, and blogs. Ioncure is using speech generator AI, web scraping, and auto-summarization of articles to help physicians generate their content even better than a human alone will. The use and development of AI, and free coaching of physicians of AI in medicine, makes Ioncure already a global leader in recruiting young physicians who do a four to six months internship, and if interested in research, extend it by a year.

Animation: With help of AI, several projects of animation movies to help raise epilepsy awareness are being undertaken by Ioncure. The expected release is in over 100 languages. 

Epilepsy song in 100-plus languages: famous musicians, such as Aurlein Perlot, James Rieley, Jerry Silver, and several others are coming to work with Ioncure, and with open embrace of AI, to create a song, which we hope will become a global anthem. This is set for release in early July. 

Global theater plays and a feature film in English is just at an ideation level, with the same team of American and Indian directors working on the Indian feature film. 

Ioncure has designed board games for epilepsy awareness, and has just recently started working on VR and video games direction with independent innovators

Here are links to some of the video shorts of epilepsy (with 500 plus uploads on the way), documentaries, messages from leaders at Ioncure in several languages, and hundreds of books in 35 languages. 

  • Link to Ioncure’s books on Amazon:


  • Link to Sukant Khurana’s books on Amazon:


  • Link to playlist of Sameer Singh narrating about epilepsy experience in India on youtube:
  • Epilepsy awareness playlist on youtube:
  • Epilepsy-call for collaboration in 13 languages playlist on Youtube:

Dr. Khurana has been extremely approachable, and so is the company. You can email at contact@ioncurerx.com and call on whatsapp or telegram, Dr. Khurana at +91 6394680098. 

Attached below are examples of posters, games, links, video shorts in making.

Prior Work

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